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Kidney Function · Cyclosporin
Chinese Medicine Kidney Supplement Cordyceps Sinensis has been the herb of choice in china for treating kidney and lung ailments. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cordyceps Sinensis is said to go directly to the kidneys as the kidneys are the "roots of life". They are a source of regeneration for the body, as all the other organs are completely dependent upon them. This can help explain the numerous benefits associated with cordyceps.

Cyclosporin A, a potent immune suppressor, has greatly helped post surgical care patients fight rejection after organ transplants, especially for kidney transplantation. However, its side effects and nephrotoxicity have been clinical problems. Cordyceps sinensis is said to help transplant patients achieve better results by calming the side effects of cyclosporin A.
he water-soluble polysaccharides from Cordyceps Sinensis proved to have a protective effect against chronic renal failure caused by fulgerizing kidneys.1
- Fitoterapia, Jul 2010

A different study concluded that the combined use of a fermented mycelial product of Cordyceps and cyclosporin A (5 mg/kg per day) for 15 days in 30 kidney transplant patients, produced better clinical outcomes than in controls receiving only cyclosporin A. 2
-Dial Transplant, 1995
Sexual System · Fertility · Libido
Chinese Medicine Sex Supplement For centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine prescribed Cordyceps Sinensis to help erectile dysfunction, increase libido and improve sperm motility. The sexual system, known as "Jing" in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is highly dependent on the body's kidneys, which Cordyceps Sinensis directly strengthens. Problems in one's sexual function can be brought about from the natural weakening of Jing. Benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis on the sexual system in both humans and animals have been documented by researchers.
An increase in testosterone production after taking Cordyceps Sinensis was shown in lab results with mice. Additionally, the blood plasma cortisol, testicle alkone and fresh semen were all strengthened, as well as the endocrine and reproduction function." 3
-Life Sciences, 2001
Natural Energy · Stamina · Battling Fatigue
Chinese Medicine Energy Supplement In 1993, 2 female Chinese athletes shattered multiple track & field world records, results so staggering, anti-doping organizations immediately took notice (these world records still stand). However, subsequent tests found no signs of cheating. When asked about the athletes' successes, the Chinese coach credited the natural energy increase to his secret Cordyceps Sinensis elixir.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been prescribing Cordyceps Sinensis to increase energy and vitality for millennia. It is said to act as an invigorator, boosting the meridians of the lungs and kidneys, thereby improving stamina and battling chronic fatigue.
In 1999, UCLA School of Medicine Professor, Dr. Christopher Cooper, affirmed Cordyceps Sinensis's benefits on exercise performance. His clinical study tested the oxygen intake of 30 elderly patients. Subjects given cordyceps sinensis increased their oxygen intake from 1.88 to 2.00 liters per minute vs no increase in the placebo group. 4
-Medicinal Mushrooms, 2002
Improve Cardiovascular Disease
Chinese Medicine Heart Supplement Many heart related diseases such as, cardiovascular disease and strokes are the result of clogged arteries and ventricles. Also, thrombus formation on disrupted atherosclerotic plaques or arterial erosions frequently causes acute coronary syndromes. Studies have indicated that the components in Cordyceps Sinensis may inhibit coagulation, suppress thrombus formation and calm cardiac arrhymthia, a leading cause of stroke.
A 1994 clinical trial split the 64 patients into 2 groups, 1/2 receiving 1,500 mg of cordyceps sinensis daily and the other 1/2 receiving placebos. Within a span of only 2 weeks, 80% of the patients treated with Cordyceps Sinensis showed an improvement in their conditions while only 10% of the placebo patients showed improvement. Additionally, researchers concluded that the benefits of cordyceps actually increase over time. 4
-Medicinal Mushrooms, 2002
Anti-Cancer & Anti-Tumor Properties
Chinese Medicine Cancer and Tumor Supplement Numerous studies have stated that the rich amount of bioactive polysaccharides in Cordyceps Sinensis have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. Studies also show that these polysaccharides have the ability to suppress the growth of malignant tumor and cancer cells.

"Hirsutella Sinensis (the asexual phase of Cordyceps Sinensis) suppressed the effects on skin cancer cells, leukemia cell U937, tumor cells and colon cancer cells growths" 5
-PhytoChemistry, 1999

A different study states that 28 out of 30 (93%) malignant tumor patients showed improvement in their conditions after taking Cordyceps Sinensis. 6
-Shanghai Chinese Medicine, 1986
Improve Respiratory Function
Chinese Medicine Lung Supplement Traditional Chinese Medicine has prescribed Cordyceps Sinensis as a treatment for lung and respiratory ailments for centuries. The lungs rule ones "qi" which is defined as one's life-energy. Bronchitis, asthma and tuberculosis are common diseases when the balance of qi is disturbed. Several studies have demonstrated an improvement in clinical symptoms of respiratory diseases after the administration of a Cordyceps-containing medication. Additionally, researchers claim Cordyceps Sinensis has the ability to influence the trachea's and bronchial tube's functions.
One clinical study showed that 92 out of 100 patients (92%) with various respiratory diseases, such as chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, or cor pulmonale, reported a significant clinical improvement after using a Cordyceps Sinensis supplement for 2-12 weeks. 7
-The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 1998

In another clinical study, a strain of Cordyceps Sinensis (CS-4) was used to treat patients suffering from chronic bronchitis or bronchitis with asthma, which resulted in 17 out of 20 patients (85%) exhibiting clinical improvement. 8
-J. Administration Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1995
Regulate Immune System · Autoimmune Diseases (Diabetes, Lupus)
Chinese Medicine Immune System Supplement Cordyceps sinensis can help strengthen the immune system by stimulating natural killer cell activity. Uniquely, Cordyceps Sinensis has also shown the ability to impose bi-directional control, calming overactive immune systems and improving autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and lupus. For diabetics, it also helps by reducing the lipoprotein in blood. 7

A Japanese study in the 1990's showed Cordyceps Sinensis to help against autoimmune disorders by calming and quieting the cells of the immune system. Additionally, the study reported significant sugar lowering effects from the cordyceps test group, with improvement in 95% of the test subjects. 4
-Medicinal Mushrooms, 2002

Another study concluded that cordyceps and artemisinin could prevent the recurrence of Lupus Nephritis and protect kidney function. 9
-Alternative Medicine Review, 2003
Hepatitis B · Liver Cancer · Cirrhosis of the Liver
Chinese Medicine Liver Supplement Researchers say that Hepatitis B infects 350 million people worldwide and is the number one cause of liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver. It's estimated that 50% of the population will contract the disease in their lifetime. Clinical trials lead scientists to believe that Cordyceps Sinensis supplements can increase one's ATP levels (an essential enzyme the helps the liver regenerate) and help those suffering from hepatitis B and liver damage. Researchers also believe that Corcyceps Sinensis can control a patient's liver fibrosis, strengthen a hepatitis C patient's immunity function and anti-oxidation ability.
In 1990, 32 hepatitis B patients were administered 3.750mg of cordyceps sinensis daily for 30 days. 21 patients (66%) showed signs of the antibodies for the virus change from positive to negative, while 23 patients (72%) showed improved liver function. Cordyceps proved to be beneficial to patients suffering from post hepatitis cirrhosis. 4
-Medicinal Mushrooms, 2002
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